Friday, July 24, 2009

I finished the "Teenage Amnesiac". Good book, if not a tad predictable.

Jake and I went to the library and picked up some movies (Jake) and books (Mom). I found "Time Traveler's Wife" on the shelf so I thought I'd review the plot before I possibly go see the movie.

Another book I've read this summer was loaned to me by Teresa Simpson -- "The Richest Man in Town" by VJ Smith. It's the non-fiction story of a Wal-Mart greeter in Brookings SD. Marty believed that having followed 3 simple tenets (relationships matter most in life, try to do a little more, and only you can make you happy) during his lifetime made him the "richest man" in town. If you want to read the book, I have a copy you may borrow, but you have to promise to sign the back pages when you finish it :)

Neat story of how I got my book... I went to the author's website,,
and ordered a copy. The last page gave me an order number but told me my credit card authorization had failed. I called the number on the website. Since it was Friday July 3rd, I was expecting the phone to ring at an empty publishing house. I was shocked when the author answered the phone at his home! Mrs. Smith helped resolve my issue and told me she would send the book out ASAP and I "could just send a check when I got the book". :) The book arrived in my mailbox on Monday July 6th. What service!!! So please take a minute and read some of the info on his website... what a wonderful story!

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