Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cranberry Flats, by Lisa

My college roommate and I have reconnected thanks to Facebook and we discovered that, along with a lot of other things we share in common, we both love to blog.

Lisa's blog is right over there in the sidebar. Click on "Cranberry Flats" and enjoy Lisa's blogs on anything and everything :)

Lisa worries that I will "red-pen" her blog but she does a great job and her voice bolts out of her blogs. I can literally "hear" her while I read her entries. (We nerds that get paid to do that kind of thing work very hard to get a writer to put forth their own voice and not imitate others in their writing.)

Lisa is doing such a great job that I plan to use her as an example of "adult writers" who are writing for FUN (What, writing is fun??? you betcha!) by sharing her blog with my students.

While I often remember my year at on that college campus as being horrible in term of race relations and on-campus rape issues, CMSU should receive credit for giving me a wonderful "blind-date" roommate for my first year of college. Love ya Lisa!!!


  1. I reconnected with my cousins on Facebook. How fun that you and Lisa are chatting again.

    I love literature and will enjoy checking out your opinions on books.

    Becky K.

  2. I am thrilled to find your blog through the very wonderful, beautiful, and talented Lisa... I was lucky enough to be HER teacher in high school, and we are close friends, too. I am looking forward to reading your blog from "cover to cover." Romeo and Juliet, huh? Interesting.

  3. I am so happy!!!!! That's all I have to say!!! love ya, lisa


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