Monday, July 19, 2010

The Girls From Ames

If you are female and you know me, you must read this book! Shoot, if you're MALE and know me, you must read this book!

I read this while we were at St. John's.

It's the story of 11 girls that met in infancy / childhood / elementary school in Ames, Iowa, and who have maintained their friendship for 40+ years. The book was written by Jeffrey Zaslow, who co-authored Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture".

I could relate to the storyline since some of my best friends were made before I turned six. I could also relate to the Ames girls' insistence that their friendship was based largely on their common histories... and already knowing all about the others' pasts :)

We are starting a new book club of sorts at school next year. This book will probably be the first one the girls read/discuss together. (I didn't hear of any boys wanting to join but they are certainly welcome! The co-sponsor (Rentel) will probably welcome the male company :)

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  1. Kindred spirits of sorts...I tried to read this book while I was on medical leave. Maybe I need to try again. I got a little bored after Marilyn's chapter. So, I didn't get far. Does it pick up after that? I still have it marked.


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