Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Help

I finished reading "The Help" by Kathryn Sockett.


The B and N synopsis doesn't do the book justice. I agree with the one reviewer who said that you just land in this seemingly on-going story. It starts with one of the "help" narrating her side of the story and it just keeps running. The story alternates between three narrators, two colored maids and the white girl who wants to write a novel about the relationships between the maids and their white, female bosses. The alternating narration is not a problem -- Sockett tells the story in chronological order, just in different voice.

It's difficult to discuss my favorite / not favorite parts of this book without giving the plotline away. I will say that just as quick as you jump into the novel, you will jump back out.

I discovered this book during our trip to Europe. I think 3 women read the novel in the duration of the time. I knew it had to be good, so I borrowed it electronically from Karen.

After a few issues with my Nook, I still managed to read it on my itouch. 464 pages on the itouch screen... LOL LOL LOL... my optometrist will not be happy with me since I didn't wear my bifocals!

Thank you Karen!!! Great book!

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  1. I read this book and it hurt my heart. The setting wasn't that long ago, and to see the changes that have happened since then is amazing, and yet, in a way, sometimes it seems that little has changed.


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