Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spooner... Done. Eat, Pray, Love... Done

I finished the two books that I was reading.

Spooner... I think Spooner and I just did not mesh. I waded through that story with no sense of enjoyment, only curiosity. I can't say that I got any personal enjoyment or reward from reading the entire saga of Spooner's life.

Eat, Pray, Love... I had tried to read EPL when it was first published and could not. Maybe because I'm older or maybe b/c I traveled to the first locale of the book, I immersed myself into the story this time.

I enjoyed Gilbert's adventures in Italy. I could certainly relate to eating gelato for each meal! :) I also found I could relate to her meditation experiences in India from the last five years I've spent on a table doing my BEST therapies. And finally, when the old medicine man in Indonesia tells Gilbert that her shakras are aligned and all is well, I knew exactly what that feels like... complete bliss! (I attempt to reach that stage each week... some weeks are better than others :P)

Would I ever had the faith (patience? courage?) to leave all that is familiar and travel/live abroad for an entire year?

What I do know is that everything happens for a reason. I did not read this book until I was older, had traveled to Europe, and had spent 5 years working on aligning my mind/body/spirit. The book and Gilbert's experiences mean more to me now than they would have back in 2006.

Still haven't decided whether to go and watch the movie...

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