Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finished "The Off Season"

I finished "The Off Season".

My students (who have read the book) didn't like it... they thought it was "boring" and "slow".

I read it with a different perspective (of course!). A large portion of the book focuses on DJ's brother's rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury. There is a lot of discussion about the process of rehab and her brother's resistance/later, acceptance of his situation.

I remember going with my mom to the St. Lukes' rehab when she had her hip replaced. There was a young woman in rehab who had been in a car accident and suffered a broken neck (like DJ's brother). I watched her for several days while she and my mom were assigned stations beside each other. Each day they were working on her ability to return a balloon to the therapist by swinging her entire arm and trying to hit the balloon. She had been there for several weeks and it struck me (13-year-old me) that it had to be maddening to advance in such "baby steps" in her attempts to regain her functions. I remembered her and her accident when I began to drive. I wish I knew if she ever regained full movement of her limbs.

I enjoyed the book and I can't wait to read the third/final installment of the series!

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