Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Lightning Thief continues

"The Lightning Thief" is good. While it is not the type of book that I normally would want to read, it is keeping my attention. At this point, the author's hints of the book's resolution have seemed obvious to me and I am hoping I wrong, that I haven't figured out who betrays Percy.

(The book is geared toward middle school readers. Too many years of guiding students toward finding these types of things ruins a lot of books for me. LOL )

Beginning "Romeo and Juliet" Monday... R and J times 19 years, several years 6x a day, 1x in my own hs class, 1x in my college Shakespeare class = a LOT of R and J. :)

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  1. I have also read the Lightning Thief, the series was recommended to me by a freshman with a love of reading. I am now in the third installment. As with all books geared for this age group… They are best enjoyed without too much thought about the over exaggerated foreshadowing. With that rule in place, I have enjoyed them. And hope to finish the series. -Twin


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