Sunday, January 31, 2010

Front and Center!

This week I finished the "Dairy Queen" series with "Front and Center". I liked the series. I didn't think the writing was strong through each the three books, but I enjoyed how the author concluded the series with DJ making strong decisions based on her own needs and not the needs of others.

I've encouraged several students to read "Dairy Queen". It's making the rounds :)

What I LOVE about my job -- I love getting kids to read a book just convincing they will ENJOY the story!!! "Dairy Queen" is one that I can recommnend and get that effect with the kids.

I also finished "The Lightning Thief". Rick Riordan has written a great series. I was very impressed with his first book and asked my dear husband to pick up the others for me which he did on Friday night. Now, I just have to read 'em. :)

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