Sunday, January 10, 2010

Romeo, Juliet and me x 70

We read "The Odyssey" before Christmas Break. When we returned from Christmas (we actually went 3 days!!!), we watched "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and had the kids write out the comparisons they could determine. They did a great job!!!

When we finish the upcoming 3 week grammar unit (not my favorite thing to teach :P) , we will start "Romeo and Juliet". If you count high school, college Shakespeare class, and 19 years of teaching it, some years 6x a day, I think I will be reading it for the 70th or so time. Sigh... it's a good thing I really like it :)

The seniors/juniors in 3A are working on "The Prairie" from James Fenimore Cooper's "The Leatherstocking Tales". Natty Bumppo passes again... :P I don't think they were too thrilled with the selection our textbook offers.

Tyler's section of Eng. 3 read a portion of "Moby Dick" during the 3 days... I don't think they were too impressed! I think it's again time we cut out the whale and have the kids walk over/around/on the whale to get a sense of its enormity. No fishing pole for that catch ;)

Does anyone remember reading those in high school? I didn't read either until American Literature class with Dr. Morgan at MSSC.


  1. I'm sure we read at least part of "Moby Dick" in high school, but I do not remember it at all. I do remember reading it in my American Lit. Comp class at CMSU. I definitely appreciate it more now that I have taught it like five times than I did back then. My class is starting "Moby Dick" later this week - I'm sure they're as excited as I am!

  2. Mr. Fitspatrick had us read both "Romeo and Juliet" and "Moby Dick". Shakespeare I liked, Melville... not so much.


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